• Audio implementation and mixing using F-MOD, and Wwise
  • Recording and editing music/audio with Pro Tools, Logic and Sound Forge
  • Field Recording
  • Familiar with common audio processing and editing techniques
  • Dialogue recording in both producer and engineer roles
  • Can work within memory restrictions
  • Experienced with asset management software (such as Alienbrain)
  • Plays Keys, Drums, Ukulele, Guitar, Glockenspiel, and Accordion
  • Works in all genres of music to produce the desired effect



Four Circle Interactive

  10 Second Ninja: Frantic Platformer (Steam) March 2014

  • Music Composition and Sound Design
  • QA

  10 Second Ninja X: Frantic Platformer (Steam) July 2016

  • Music Composition and Sound Design
  • QA

  Nunnageddon: Frantic Shoot ‘em up (Playstation Mobile) March 2013

  • Music Composition and Sound Design


  Dudeski: Downhill skiing game (iOS/Android App Store) February 2014

  • Music Composition and Sound Design

  Six Sided Sanctuary: 3D Puzzle Game (PC, Greenlit for Steam/currently being updated) August 2013

  • Music Composition and Sound Design
  • Level Design 
  • QA
  • Business management

Full Sail University: Game Audio Internship

  Goupe: Platformer July 2012

  • Wrote music for Menu and Gameplay

   Sugar Rush: Beat ’em up July 2012

  • Wrote music for Menu and Gameplay
  • Assisted with Sound Effects

   Ballistic Fist: Fighting Game by Team Recipe for Disaster May 2012

  • Designed various sounds and music suitable for each character and action using Soundforge and Pro-Tools
  • Used Wwise and worked with a programmer to implement audio and various effects

   Pirates vs. Pirates: Third person defense game by Team Short Fuse February 2012

  • Composed all music, and worked with the team to create the best musical experience for the player
  • Assisted with sound design as needed

   Rite of Passage: Third person stealth game by Team Paradux February 2012

  • Composed original music for Credits
  • Assisted with sound design as needed

   Omega Hero: Beat ‘em up iPhone game by Crazy Rock Creative February 2012

  • Recorded and Edited Dialogue


    Tendencies Trailer (Horror) by Devin Long January 2012

  • Recorded production audio, foley, and created sound effects

    La Reclusa (Independent Film) by Marly Hernandez Release Pending

  • Original music composition, using references provided by the Director

    Jump Jet Rex Game Trailer

  • Original music composition
  • Audio processing to simulate VHS tape stretching

    PIZ-O Stop motion video for papercraft by Thomas Noppers (ToppyNoppy)

  • Sound design and voice work

Echelon Continuing Online Education: Audio Engineer (and Jack of all trades)

Medical Education Courses for Nursing and other medical professions

  • Record and clean/edit dialogue
  • Build/animate/QA educational videos.
  • Manage and update course catalog as assigned.
  • Edit course scripts as required.
  • Whole course QA.
  • It's a lot.

-Live Sound

   The Drums (Island Records) Live Recording October 2011

  • Assisted with set up and break down
  • Placed Microphones and wired
  • Troubleshot signal flow issues


  • Pro Tools 11
  • Logic Pro X
  • Kontakt Ultimate 10
  • Unity 4/5 Pro
  • Wwise
  • F-Mod
  • SL88 Studio Keyboard
  • Casio CDP-130 Keyboard
  • H4N Zoom Stereo Recorder
  • Microphones: MXL Genesis, MXL R144, Blue Bird, SM57, AT815b, Contact mics of varying sizes
  • Roland TD-4S Electronic Drums
  • Scarlett 2i4
  • Fasttrack Pro
  • Roma Accordion
  • Ibanez Gio Bass Guitar
  • Ibanez Gio Guitar


Full Sail University, Graduated December 2011

Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts

Classes include:

  • Microphones and Theory
  • Audio File Management
  • Digital Audio and Theory
  • Critical Listening
  • Audio Workstations / Advanced Audio Workstations
  • Interactive Audio / Advanced interactive audio
  • Advanced Audio Post Production – Course Director Award


Shadow: Joshua Davidson (Gearbox)              March 7-8, 2013

  • Followed Josh through his daily work at Gearbox Software, learned their process from audio design to implementation. 

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer August 2011 – September 2011

Audio Designer / Composer             

  • Duties included stripping original audio and re-creating all Foley, sound effects and dialogue within the time constraints of the class
  • Dialogue and Foley was recorded with a small group of 2 other people
  • Music created with Logic Pro
  • All sounds created from a combination of library and source effects recorded using contact, and shotgun microphones along with a Zoom H4N Stereo Recorder.

UDK Map Project July 2011 – August 2011

Audio Designer      

  • Duties include creating environments with stingers, backgrounds, and static objects along with sound effects for pickups and weapons
  • Sound Effects created in Pro Tools with library sounds and implemented in UDK