Being a massive fan of twitch streamers and communities, and with all of the changes in recently, I thought I'd make it clear where streamers are allowed to use my music to supplement their content! 

For Livestreamers:

  • You may use my music as background music or as part of your own creative stream without being required to pay any performance royalties.
  • You may use the music in commercial or noncommercial streams on YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming service that does not produce profits from music plays. If you’re looking to use my music outside of a or Youtube livestream, please contact me at 

This license does not give you permission to do the following:

  • You cannot stream my music without adding your own creative content.
  • You cannot claim my music as your own.
  • You cannot use my music in any livestreaming event outside of without my express permission.
  • You cannot sell my music.

To use my music during a livestream, all I ask is the following:

  • Purchase my music legally, or contact me directly ( if the music in question isn't available on my bandcamp
  • Credit me by name (Tim Rurkowski).
  • Place a link to buy the song(s) on bandcamp in the description of your stream if available.
  • If text credit in the description is unavailable, a verbal credit to your viewers or on screen “Now playing” credit is appreciated.

Here’s an example that you can use for the text in your livestream description:


Music by Tim Rurkowski

Check them out on Bandcamp:



  • If my music is in the game you are streaming: you do not need to follow any of these steps. While most of the games I work on have a streamer/youtube friendly policy in place, you should still go check that specific game's policy!


It's not required, but greatly appreciated if you contact me beforehand.

I love knowing when somebody is using my music for their stream! If you can, let me know what your plans are and I'll probably stop in for a little while.